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2/21/07 // Earth’s Best Baby Food Recall

To our valued customers:

There have been recent reports in the media concerning an organic baby food recall by Earth¹s Best due to possible botulism contamination. The company released a press statement on its website about the recall of its Wholesome Breakfast Apple Peach Barley second foods jar.

Baby Cubes & More would like to ease any concerns parents may have about our products. The botulism bacteria can grow and produce toxins in foods that meet very specific conditions. These include an oxygen-deprived environment, found in can and jar foods, and room temperature storage. Since BabyCubes’ vegetables and fruits are flash frozen immediately after pasteurization, this prevents any bacterial activity. In addition, all our products have oxygen present in the packaging.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. Thank you for your continued support of Baby Cubes & More.


Iria T Nishimura