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2/22/07 // Host a Babies n’ Moms Get-Together

Become a BabyCubes Ambassador!

Share the delight and nutritional benefits of Baby Cubes & more with your favorite babies and moms at a fun hosting event—and get a week’s worth of free BabyCubes, or a charitable donation if you prefer!

You supply the friends and fun—we supply everything else!
Meet, greet, and eat—while you discover new BabyCubes flavors!

We provide an array of delicious BabyCubes along with complete nutritional information, product literature—plus charming gifts like bibs and cooler bags. You do a simple demonstration, explain how to order, and fill out a short recap form. That’s all it takes!

Babies love the fresh, wholesome taste of natural fruits and vegetables.
Moms love 100% Certified USDA organic quality and quick, easy servings.

BabyCubes are so tasty in their 21 fresh, vibrant flavors that babies naturally love them. Wholesome, nutritious 100% Certified Organic fruits and vegetables are harvested at peak freshness, pasteurized, pureed and quick-frozen for convenient microwaving—no additives, salt or spices. It’s like home-cooking for busy moms! BabyCubes is proud to be a part of the new health awareness that will benefit our babies throughout their lives.

BabyCubes: a name moms trust and babies love.

If you are interested in becoming BabyCubes Ambassador, please leave us a message on the Contact Us page, or call us at 408-972-1300.