the story of Baby Cubes

Iria, founder of Baby Cubes

Baby Cubes began with one mother’s search for healthy, organic baby food. Here is our story.

“I want the best for my children, and that includes sheltering my little ones from an unhealthy environment for as long as I can. Providing them fresh, organic, nutritious food is one way for me to create a safe world for my children.

I loved working 20 years in health care field. When I got pregnant in my old age (I was 41 when I delivered my first child), I wanted to be present every moment for my children. I quit my successful career and stayed home through two pregnancies.

One of the things I feel passionately is providing healthy and nutritious food to my children. I grew up in Scandinavia, where people live close to nature and appreciate clean and fresh vegetables produced by the untouched soil.

Early on in my role as a parent, I researched the options I would have when my babies were ready to eat solid foods. I soon realized how limited my choices would be. I felt that there were a few things I would not compromise when giving my baby his first real food; it had to be organic, fresh, nutritious, tasty, and easy to prepare. And I did not want to break the bank to pay for the baby food.

Because of my criteria listed above, I realized that to be able to fulfill all the requirements I would have to prepare the food myself. I could not find one product on the shelves or in the freezer section that met all my expectations.

That is how it all began. I steamed, mashed, and froze vegetable and fruit cubes for both of my children. I mixed different vegetable cubes together with meats and fish. I mixed fruit cubes with hot cereal and yogurt. And my children loved them all; they did not seem to get enough of these wonderful cubes.

I got to thinking that if my children loved the food I prepared for them, why not offer the same great taste to other babies? I talked to other parents. I cooked and shared some of my veggies and fruits with the neighborhood babies and they all loved it. The parents testing my baby food loved the convenience, the quality of the food,
and the ease of preparing healthy and
nutritious meals.”

-Iria, Baby Cubes & More
Founder and mother of two healthy, happy, little boys



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